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Kragujevac, Serbia

+Studio architetti associati Filippo Orlando – Davide Mosconi – Emanuela Consiglio

FAS (Fiat Automobile Srbjia) is an industrial site of excellence not only for Serbia, but also worldwide. The attention to social and environment aspects such as sustainability and biodiversity re-establishment guided the intervention. Architecture, design, history, urban renewal and landscape merge into the Green Design. One of the objectives of the project was to mitigate the passage between the urban centre and the plant, thus creating a filter-area close to the river Lepenika. In this mitigation area there is a wet zone featuring a bio-lake together with leisure and sport facilities.

The core of the industrial site is the Building 18c, where FAS is headquartered. In this building, at the ground floor, 300 sqm are dedicated to the FAS Museum, a permanent exhibition showing the history of the site and the town of Kragujevac. The remaining spaces are occupied by the Training Academy (with classrooms for over 300 students) and by Corporate and Manufacturing offices. Finally, the Green Heart is the centre of all pedestrian paths: an underground architecture featuring spaces for exhibition and conferences.


Serbia Fiat Factory, Fiat offices and museum


Fiat Auto Srbija


Kragujevac, Serbia


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2011: project
2012: completion date