+ is the positive sign which characterises our work, + is the creative sum of complementary minds and professionalism, + is the essential feature in which we recognise ourselves.

+Studio Architetti blends projects marked by an exclusive production and concept to investigate spatial and residential solutions in a continual search for new trends. The studio began business in 2002 by tackling themes of architectural casing, of places in which to live and work at the same time, matching experience and professionalism gained in different scales and sectors. It became project partners of companies such as Exor Investments, Giulio Einaudi Editore, Mondadori S.p.A., Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Iveco, Juventus and Pininfarina Extra.

The result is a kaleidoscopic portfolio: today, +Studio not only collaborates with architects and graphic designers, but also uses the contribution of young artists and industrial designers to design and construct quality housing, private homes, showrooms, restaurants and clubs, offices and spaces for work and retail, in Italy and abroad. Born in 1962 in Turin, Filippo Orlando is the founder of +Studio Architetti and is in charge of project design, Corporate Image and communication strategies for an architectural product of quality and excellence, which focuses on the customer’s needs for representativeness.



Filippo Orlando



Arch. Cinzia Curitti


Arch. Elisa Moro


Arch. Ginevra Puppo


Arch. Santiago Torres


Arch. Giacomo Pregnolato


Sara Battaglino (architect) / Elena Bielli (architect) / Adele Boggio (architect)/ Daniela Bosco (architect) /  Marta Cammarere (designer) / Nadia Caniglia (architect) / Stefano Capranico (architect) / Patrizio Cardella (industrial designer) / Francesca Cavallero (architect) / Carolina Cavalli (architect) / Giulia Ciccone (architect) /Martina Colombo (architect) / Irene Corsi (architect) / Lucrezia Crespi (interior designer) / Sara Di Benedetto (architect) / Francesca Diano (architect) / Luca Frascarolo (architect) / Maria Garçia (architect) / Carlotta Gerenich (architect) / Stefania Ghione (architect) / Marianna Giacalone (architect)/ Michele Giannetti (architect) / Fabio Guida (architect) / Susanna Incardona (architect) / Matteo Magnabosco (architect) / Paolo Mannino (surveyor) / Alessandro Meli (architect) / Monica Merra (architect) / Fabio Oggero (architect) / Fabrizia Parlani (architect) / Nicola Peretti (interior designer) / Giovanni Regaiolo (architect) / Nadia Saglietti (architect) / Giorgio Salza(architect) / Silvia Sereno Regis (architect) / Gloria Sforzi (architect) / Roberto Strippoli (industrial designer) / Sonia Szymanska (architect) / Mauro Talamonti (industrial designer) / Giovanni Torchio (architect) / Cristina Vai (architect) / Ettore Varoni (engineer) /Eva Vittori (architect) / Davide Zagallo (architect)


14 ora italiana / Alex Trade S.A.S. di Novakovic Masa & C. / Arching Srl/ Arcos Engineering / Colletti Ingegneria / Co.ge.fa  s.p.a. / Daniele Marzocchi Architetto / Easycreate / Enzo Manfé Architetto / Eq Ingegneria / Eurofiere S.p.a. / Fun atc Comunicazione e Grafica / Golder Associates S.r.l. / Interfiere S.r.l. / LAND s.r.l. / Lineeverdi / Mediapolis Engineering s.r.l. / Miserere s.r.l. Falegnami / mg2architetture / Picco Architetti / Pininfarina Extra / Prodim S.rl. / Quattrolinee S.n.c. / Recchi Engineering / SECAP S.p.a. / Starching / Studio Antonella Perla Comunicazione e Grafica / Studio 40 / Studio In.Pro


Bernard Bert / Mario Forcherio / Beppe Giardino / Yoichi Horimoto / Fabio Oggero/ Roberto Tealdi – Tea Photographer / PEPE Fotografia 


ADD Editore / AICS / Alfa Romeo / Amiat – Città di Torino / Ance Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta / Arnoldo Mondadori Editore / Breil / Care Label / Casa Decor / CK – Calvin Klein / Co.ge.fa  s.p.a. / Coop / Diageo / Electa / Electa Kids / Exor s.p.a / FAS – Fiat Automobili Srbija / Ferrero / Fiat Group Automobiles / Furla / Giulio Einaudi Editore / Gruppo PSA – Citroën / Guess / Holding Tessile / Italia Independent / Iveco / Juventus / Mango / MBC-WS / Museo del Cinema / Northsails / Nuna Lie / Piemme Editore / Pininfarina Extra / Politecnico di Torino / Pompea / Pucci / Raspini / Redo s.g.r./ SAGAT – Aeroporto di Torino / Secap s.p.a. / Sperling & Kupfer / Tommy Hilfiger / Torinovantuno