Amiat operational headquarter – Turin

Una trasparenza di valori

Amiat operational headquarter




Closed to Colletta Park in Turin, the new Amiat operative Centre is an infrastructure that features the valorization of surrounding landscape. The structure comply with functional and operations purposes of the company and try to increase the location value, emphasizing the identity landscape, the environmental sustainability quality of a settlement, meant as a new territory infrastructure. The plant is developed over a horizontal array, parallel to Via Ravina. This array also defines the above and underground parking system areas, the volume with function operations and the Ecocentro and Operating Center dedicated areas. In the volume on Via Ravina are focused the technical and logistic areas, operations offices, areas for garbage disposal and separate waste collection.

Attention was declined through a compositional solution that offers volumes and covers as “artificial hills” with horizontal development. Green roofs, similar to artificial hills, mitigate the visual impact of buildings. Construction materials are natural and eco-friendly, as vertical wooden slats cladding the main façade; the external envelope is designed to obtain a high-performance building, optimizing energy consumption and production. Environmental sustainability of the project is confirmed by viewing the new complex as “energy producer”, using renewable energy sources.


+studio architetti associati | Filippo Orlando, Davide Mosconi, Emanuela Consiglio


Amiat operational headquarters




Turin, Italy