Club Méditerranée, San Sicario

Una trasparenza di valori

San Sicario, Torino, Italia

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Our project for the envelope of Club Med in San Sicario moves from the idea of a red ribbon, like a brush stroke, that carves the volume of the building by introducing curves and organic shapes. A warm hug in the forest. Straight lines and curves, soft and hard, wood and stone, plains and slopes, all come to design the new envelope for Club Med in San Sicario, a synthesis of contrasts.
Mountain architecture has been an inspiration, to develop the design of façades of the Ski resort. The main feature is maintaining the hard edges of the buildings, but inserting a soft wooden core that identifies the coeur du village Club Med, the most exclusive place to be.
The fil rouge of the project is a series of wood strips running along the perimeter of the public zone, which has been rounded and softened to create a cozy place to enjoy.This wooden façade becomes the main

front of the building A, featuring a 3d-sculpted Club Med logo, placed in the most visible front, perceivable from the funicular railway and arriving from San Sicario town centre. Materials and shapes come from traditional mountain architecture, but reinterpreted in a contemporary way. Roofs have been modeled with pitched edges to remind the mountain chalets with their wooden shingles. All windows have been enlarged to let Club Med’s guests enjoy the wonderful view towards Mount Chaberton.
The typical wooden shingle have become fiber-cement shingles, while the wooden boiseries are designed with wooden slats superimposed on the plan surface. A hard stone basement features the ground and first floor.

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The best shading strategy has been defined through a sunlight study. Long pillars placed in front of the guest rooms on the outer façades shade them from the annoying horizontal sunbeam during winter season. Public spaces, provided with full height
glazed walls, benefit from solar gains during the whole year.

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