Una trasparenza di valori


Turin, Italy

The draft of the new functions for the local headquarters of the Einaudi publishing house has planned works to improve internal visibility, accessibility and livability and was developed in two phases. In the first phase, the aim of the intervention was to respect the historic parts survived at the various past interventions and change or add obsolete and missing elements. The main entrance on Via Biancamano, has been enhanced with the placement of Einaudi word written in polished stainless steel and glass with screen printing on the institutional backlit logo. The new compass entrance was made with wood ash type on the outside, as close as possible to the existing door, interrupted by the entrance window in plate glass, to give light and visibility inside.

The second phase of the project affected the offices reorganization on the first floor with the creation of new offices and a waiting area for people visiting Einaudi. Reception and staircase entrance were also objects of intervention. White is the protagonist in all its forms, from opaque lacquered panels to furnishing design. The only exception is red color that is the logo background and the dark grey-carpeted floors. An intervention on the structural parts of the building was essential, according to the customer needs.


Einaudi Editore, headquarters


Einaudi Editore


Turin, Italy


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2009: project
2010: completion date