Le forme sostanziali dell’abitare


IAA International Automobil-Ausstellung, Frankfurt


Alfa Romeo stand at IAA Frankfurt is the ideal setting for the sinuous lines of the Italian car design, which is here expressed with the same purity of Le Corbusier rationalism and on his intuitions about the relationship between house and car. In the manifesto of modern living, one is extension and proportion of the other. Vintage pictures portray Villa Savoye b/w as a slender and elegant product of art of building modern ethics and aesthetics product. In Vers une Architecture are at the opposite sides the temple of Paestum and a 1907 car, the Parthenon and the Delage Grand Sport: from a standard of practical achievements, participates in time the search of perfection, harmony and beauty.

perfection, harmony and beauty. In today’s technological sophistication, the aim of conceptual and physical systems is to communicate the historic Alfa Romeo brand, condensed into this project, in a crescendo of visual and tactile experiences. On a 1200 square meters area, two orthogonal and overlapped volumes are put together, creating succession of exhibition and sale spaces, with more intimate rooms for relax. The light-dark contrast, which gives intensity to Mediterranean architecture, is here developed with white and black, matte and shiny surfaces, full and empty, defining entrances and revealing unexpected glimpses.


Stand Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo


Frankfurt, Germany


© +Studio Architetti Associati


2007: project
2007: completion date