VISTA_1 frontale_1060x800

Turin, Italy



A new interpretation of the courtyard space: this is the key of the project for a residential building in via Lomellina in Turin. The façade greenery mitigates the dynamic textures of galvanized steel balconies.

The architectural composition of the road’s fronts integrates the intervention in the elegant context: cuts and empty multi-story break and fragment the front into small volumes that remember elegant urban villas.The system of hanging houses mounts on wooden slats that form the light and transparent base. The angle was constructed to be emptied on the middle floors with a large green insert, repeated in correspondence of the volume cuts and large terraces, emphasizing the link with the landscape of the Turin hills.

VISTA_2 laterale 1060x800
VISTA_5 1060x60
1600x800 ritagliato
VISTA_4 rev.01 1060x800
VISTA 9 Ingresso A 1060x800
VISTA_10 1060x800
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